Tools and Contact Persons for Data Analysis

DELPHI data for physics analysis
are presently in a format called (for historical reasons) Extended Short DST
Old data, including LEP 1 data, could be in Long DST and ShortDST format.
An analysis program should start from the skeleton program for physics analysis
(Skelana), which can read all the above formats, put the DST contents in standard commons, and run in a "default" way the standard packages written by the Software Tasks. For problems, contact Tz.Spassoff<.
Which data set should I use for my analysis ? And with which simulation ?
We try to give an answer (to the best of our knowledge) here.

General overview of Delphi Software Tasks

DSTANA (F. Cossutti , Tz. Spassoff)
Software package for Physics Analysis. Manuals (PostScript version and HTML version).
Walk through the DELPHI Offline Software: DELPHI software under LIGHT (prototype, D. Borillo).
PostDST production responsible: Tz. Spassoff
Quality Check / Beamspot: F. Cossutti , R. Alemany , B. Murray
MC/Data Comparison: A. Lipniacka, T. Myklebust, A. Ouraou
2 photons physics as background for searches: T. Alderweireld, P. Verdier
Run Quality: G. Della Ricca

DELGRA - DELPHI Graphics for Interactive Event Viewing:
F. Carena, M. Witek

TRACKING and Software for DST corrections, including alignment
Alignment: E. Piotto
Forward Tracking: M. Elsing
Reinteractions (MAMMOTH) and V0s: Ch. Weiser

M. Elsing, R. Keranen
HPC Calibration and ELEPHANT: A. Tonazzo
REMCLU, Reconstruction of ElectroMagnetic CLUsters: F. Cossutti , F. Mazzucato, A. Tonazzo
Hadronic calorimetry  : I. Ajinenko , K. Beloous
Hermeticity: P. Rebecchi
s' : P. Abreu, M.Mulders<

PARTICLE Identification
Hadrons: P. Kluit, D. Liko, B. Golob
Muons: G. Wilkinson , K. Beloous
Electrons, po / g (see ELEPHANT and REMCLU documentation) : M. Calvi, S. Marti, F. Mazzucato, M. Margoni

Track selection :
C. Parkes

b-tagging :
G. Borissov, C. Mariotti

Luminosity :
M. Paganoni

MC tuning and Monte Carlo Generators :
Ph. Bambade , K. Hamacher, H. Phillips , S. Todorova-Nova, M. Witek

Simulation a Grande Vitesse :
M. Berggren

Other DELPHI packages used for analysis

Documentation on libraries supported from CERN (including PYTHIA, Ariadne...)

All the postDST production is done on top of the DST. See the DST creation program DELANA and the features of the different DST releases

DELSIM is our official simulation code.
Administration and Distribution of the Technical Software in DELPHI

Last update 15 October 2002, F.Cossutti