Data Sources

Data Sources

Try the PDG Welcome Page (CERN mirror)

or PDG98 Summary Tables or the errata
or PDG98 Full Particle listings
or all associated mini-reviews
or the Durham Reaction Data database
where, to find (eg) all the DELPHI data that are entered,
use search command 'EXP CERN-LEP-DELPHI'
or the PDG98 Reviews, Tables, and Plots
with entries for

or go to the PDG Home page at LBL

and there is a lot of basic information available in
The Data Analysis Briefbook,
an extended glossary, or condensed handbook, in encyclopedic format, covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis, and related fields, and
The Particle Detector Briefbook,
similarly covering subjects around particle detectors, their underlying physics, and the analysis of their data.

Alessandro De Angelis
Last update: 23 June 1998