DELPHI mass production

DELPHI xshort processing

Some external labs delivere new MC as delana output. To produce extended short dst from it, the following utils are used. They can also be useful if a dstana reprocessing has to be done from delana output which has been kept. The code to produce extended short dst is on

post-dst processing on linux
script location purpose invokation
shortify.submit /afs/ job submission living script
runxsdst /afs/ running short production from shortify.submit
vid2castor /afs/ migrate VID to CASTOR living script

Online - generation of documentation

The scripts "sum2pdl" is run hourly. It's tasks are: Configuration:
The configuration file for sum2pdl can be found on /afs/ With a recent browser which is capable to handle css2 style sheets you can view the information directly by clicking here. The tags have the following meaning:
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