DELPHI-DPHEP Running the event display DELGRA at CERN

General information

DELGRA is based on a commercial software called GPHIGS which implements the PHIGS standard in C and in Fortran. The software is still being maintained, and is now owned by FEI S.A.S ( The address is 3 Impasse Rudolf Diesel BP 50227 33708 MERIGNAC FRANC. In collaboration with OPAL we managed to buy updated libraries since the old once we had were broken due to changes in glibc. The licensing conditions are more restrictive though than they used to be. Only one user is allowed to run it at a time. Therefore, a dedicated server has been setup which can be used to run it.

DELGRA documentation

    The original documentation for delgra can be found here. Some of the information may be out of date.

Running DELGRA with X11 forwarding

The easiest way to run DELGRA is by using X11 forwarding. This works if you are running a local X11 server. To connect to the node do
    ssh -X
Note that you have to do that from an account in group XX, i.e. you have to be a DELPHI member.

Running DELGRA over VNC with ssh tunneling

This procedure is a bit more complex though may have some advantages as you only need a vnc viewer locally. There is additional information available on a WIKI from LHCb, see here.
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