Gallery of DELPHI Events

Below is a sample of events taken by the DELPHI experiment when the LEP accelerator was running at the Z0 peak or at high energy. The events have been selected either for didactic purpose, because they clearly display some standard features, or because they correspond to some seldom category.

Events on the Z0 peak: List of all Figures (without icons)

Events from 130-140 GeV run in 1995: List of all Figures (without icons)

Events from 161 and 172 GeV runs in 1996:

Events from 183 GeV run in 1997:

Events from 189 GeV run in 1998:

Events from 192 to 202 GeV run in 1999:

Events from 202 to 209 GeV run in 2000:

You can also see events from the other LEP experiments:

Last update: October, 25th 2002
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