The Hotline page provides access to the Hotline results through the Interactive Event Search (IES) and the Tagging statistics lists for Rare Stream events.
All data from 183 GeV on can be accessed from this page (no need to look for the Hotline page of the corresponding year)
Relevant information concerning the DAFNE tags and streams, the data flow and related matters is put together below.

Hot line processing stream :

Information on the scan lists contents:

Hotline Results :

  • Interactive Event Search IES 2000 (Rafael Marco)
  • Tagging statistics for RARE events:
  • Histograms: Data/MC and Data/Data comparison for '98 and '99

  • Hotline event scanning:

    The RARE event stream is kept on disk, directly accessible for scanning.

    Links to the Hotline pages of the different years :

  • 2000 hotline page

  • 1999 hotline page

  • 1998 hotline page